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Slice Auto Retract Utility Knife With Ceramic Blade 10554 | SLC10554

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The Slice Auto-retractable Utility Knife is a handy ambidextrous designed ceramic bladed knife with a slider mechanism allowing the user to cut a depth of up to 21mm. Capable of even cutting through thick materials including triple-walled corrugated card, and the when you are finished cutting the blade automatically retracts for added safety. The utility knife features a durable glass-filled nylon handle frame and a long-lasting replaceable ceramic blade that is non-sparking, non-magnetic, and chemically inert. Keep on cutting with a ceramic blade that can last up to eleven times longer than metal blades and can be replaced easily without the need of any tools. The ceramic blade will never rust and is safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius. Replacement rounded and pointed tip blades are available separately.

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