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PVA Cleaner Kitchen Surface & Equit Pk20

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  • PVA Food Safe Sanitiser Sachets are excellent for kitchen equipment and all hard surfaces
  • Can be used on work surfaces, chopping boards, slicing machines and anywhere where food is prepared
  • Each sachet contains cleaning powder encapsulated in a water soluble sachet which, when added to a volume of water, creates a perfect cleaning solution
  • This eliminates the well known and costly problem of cleaning staff commonly making up a stronger solution than is required
  • Also, because the sachets are dry, compact and light, they reduce storage space and transportation costs, as well as avoid spillage problems and are cleaner and safer to handle
  • Sachets are more than 90% biodegradable
  • 1 sachet = 750ml of solution

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PVA Hygiene are dedicated to innovation, quality and performance. PVA soluble sachet cleaning products are revolutionary in concept, practical in design and offer convenience with effective, reliable performance.

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